Self-sufficiency before 2025

At Belloch Campus, before 2025 we want to achieve self-sufficiency in a threefold manner, i.e., in terms of energy, water supply and food. We have signed up to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Earth Charter principles. We are a member of the European Forest Institute. We also regularly track the CO2 footprint of all our companies in the Intramundana group in order to fully offset it within three years.

Seals and certifications

Welcome to Belloch

We are kind-hearted and we welcome our visitors in a warm, friendly manner. It is not where you are from that matters; rather, your yearning to share. For more than fifty years, Belloch has been a setting where coexistence has thrived and experiences have broadened. In many languages.

An innovation and knowledge
transfer campus

Following the recent advent of digital relations, companies and organisations need a setting for reflection and sharing. We host all manner of business events and conferences.