A 200-hectare private estate

Parc de Belloch is a large estate covering more than 200 hectares of land some 30 miles north of Barcelona. Records of the history of Belloch (bello loco, beautiful place) date back to 972, over a thousand years ago. The central campus on the estate, covering ten fenced hectares, is home to an ensemble of school buildings, an example of Catalan rationalism from the 1960s.

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Belloch promotes the companies in the Intramundana group. In keeping with its educational calling dating back to the mid 20th century, within Belloch a knowledge park is supported today, focussing on sustainable circularity and design, a world away from the hustle and bustle of cities but mindful of new urban life.



Santa & Cole

Milagro Luthiers

Belloch Forestal

Parc de Belloch

6.000 m2 of lecture halls

Revamp and expansion

The original construction of Belloch Campus dates to 1965 and was devised by Manuel Baldrich. The present-day layout stems from a revamp and enlargement in 2008 by the award-winning architects Enric Batlle and Joan Roig. It benefits from the best technical equipment and all the instruments needed to enable each workshop to unfold seamlessly.

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