We will take care of your food

The philosophy behind our cuisine is to nourish and deliver a delightful taste experience. Most of our raw ingredients are sourced locally within a six-mile radius. Our cuisine is also celiac, vegan and meat-eater friendly. We can help you put together excellent set meals.

Areas for dining

Belloch Campus is conducive to getting the most out of every group. We have a cafeteria, dining halls and a piano bar, as well as gardens, green areas and outdoor areas for regular rests.



424 m²



373 m²



More than 2 hectares in total



172 m²

Tailored services

Our dining halls and outdoor areas effortlessly turn into settings for sharing conversation. From a more traditional breakfast to the richest gastronomic experience.




Food trucks


Sharing the kitchen

If you have a penchant for the stove, you will feel at home with us. Large industrial kitchens, with areas for washing, product preparation, confectionary and cooking. Nothing brings people closer than sharing the food we prepare together.

Gastronomic seminars

Cooking in teams

Culinary challenges

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Hwy. C251, km. 5,6
08430 La Roca (Barcelona)

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