Belloch Forestal,
specialist in urban trees

The innovative nursery of Belloch Forestal is responsible for growing trees for the purpose of urban reforestation. The tree within the city is an eminent issue. Belloch Forestal has the solution based on the criteria detailed in our Belloch Cannon, a firmly-established catalogue of urban trees.

Innovation in the choice of species, innovation in the cultivation methods, innovation in the root formation of trees for cities that have been re-introduced to nature.

There is not a single more human landscape than a forest nursery, or indeed a more luscious spring than that imbued in the contrast of various species. Wandering around a nursery is a colour-filled privilege during any season.

The nurseries at Belloch Forestal make up the largest working site for surface (above ground) tree cultivation methods in southern Europe.

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Hwy. C251, km. 5,6
08430 La Roca (Barcelona)

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